What is Race Crew?

Race Crew was built to make the race experience easier for both runners and the people cheering them on. In a big race it can be tough to know you're in the right spot to see your runner. Even if you are it's a challenge to spot them in the mass of other runners.
Race Crew makes this easier by using GPS tracking, real-time syncing and user-friendly ways to notify both the runner and spectator about where each other is. You just run the app, and it handles the rest.

As a spectator

Race Crew makes spectating so much easier. Simply run the app and immediately see where any runners are.

Real-time updates

Quickly view a map that shows where you and the runner are, all updated in real-time.


Automatic notifications

When a runner gets close to you a notification is displayed on your phone telling who's coming. It even works when your phone is asleep so you can run the app and just enjoy the race.

As a runner

As a runner, just start racing and put your phone away. Race Crew will handle the rest.

Audio notifications

When you approach a spectator Race Crew will play an audio message telling you who you're approaching. So you can focus on your race and not worry about missing anyone.


Spectator map

You can see where any spectators are, so you don't need to guess when you'll need to start looking.

Available now

Race Crew is available right now in both Android and iOS. Grab it using the app store links below.